One of the most difficult, time-consuming and specialized components of patient care confronting medical professionals today is providing assistance with the processing of your out of network insurance claim.  Many medical practices can no longer sustain the specialized staff or the amount of time required to provide this service.

Often patients are being told that they must deal with this complex and very arduous process themselves. Once they start to experience the amount of time and frustration involved in getting their claim satisfied, many patients give up, and leave a considerable amount of money on the table. Over 80% of claims are lost this way.

Insurance representatives are trained to find reasons to deny your claim. It is their job. PreferredMD can help.

PreferredMD has been involved in the care and insurance billing of thousands of patients over the last 20 years. We employ a team of highly trained and experienced out of network insurance claims specialists. We can efficiently handle the entire process for you. Our expert team will advocate for you and follow up on your insurance claim so you don’t have to navigate this daunting process. 

Our Service

  • Our highly specialized team will coordinate the communication between you, your medical provider and your insurance carrier.  
  • Our certified coding team will validate the procedure codes your Medical specialist provides: ICD-10 and CPT codes. We will assign the appropriate modifiers and values based on the services provided.
  • Our electronic claim submissions will expedite your claim. This method is much faster than the conventional mailing option.
  • Our biggest strength? Follow up: rigorous, on-time, persistent follow up on claims. 
  • Many claims get denied intentionally incorrectly. Our highly trained team is very familiar with these tactics. We have ethical and proven responses that get these denials overturned. 
  • All inclusive fee of $44.95 per claim.


  • Complete our online claims submission form with copies of your insurance card.
  • Scan or email a receipt of your Out of Pocket payment to your provider. 
  • (Note: The receipt must have, the provider’s address, the amount you paid, a description of the services, including all ICD-10 diagnostic codes and valid CPT codes.  All doctors have the abilities to provide this to you, and are required to do so at your request).
  • Review and sign the patient consent form found on the claims submission form.
  • Be sure to include the best phone number to reach you at, and your personal email address so that we can keep you apprised on the progress of your claim. Close coordination and communication between you and your Concierge insurance claim processor are intrinsic to the success of getting your claim satisfied.