As we begin the process of reopening our outpatient surgical facilities, PreferredMD is instituting policies and protocols to ensure that everyone taking part in both surgeries and procedures is safe and thoroughly screened for COVID-19.

To ensure patient and provider safety, new mandatory screening and testing protocols are being enforced. The protocol is a multi step process that involves completing the CDC compliant form below and providing a negative PCR swab test for COVID-19 prior to your procedure.

Please note: an antibody test is not accepted as it does not test for current COVID-19 infection. The PCR swab test must be completed within the time frame of 3 to 5 days before your procedure. Test results must be received prior to your procedure, so please confirm this requirement with your testing center to ensure the surgery center receives your results on time. Otherwise, the surgery will need to be rescheduled.The screening form is based on CDC guidelines and will help your surgical facility and provider determine if you or anyone involved with your upcoming procedure is at risk, or may have COVID-19. The PCR test is not offered at the surgery center, so please locate a testing center near you.Please contact the staff at your surgeon’s office or the staff at the surgical center if you have questions or need assistance.All of us must do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Our utmost commitment is to your safety, the safety of our medical staff and our community at large. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to keeping everyone safe and stopping the spread of COVID-19.