PreferredMD will provide you with project oversight and supervision from the moment you conceive of your OBS or Article 28 facility to ribbon cutting. We will guide you through the myriad number of steps, decisions and approvals that bring your surgical facility from concept to fully operational and thriving. We function as an extension of your management team and ownership, but we do not take an equity position.

PreferredMD provides a comprehensive range of outsourced services and solutions to address every consideration. Our commitment to your facility’s success extends to all the details and decisions you will face; initial project planning, arranging financing if needed, representing you to investors, attorneys, development specialists and regulators. PreferredMD will partner with you throughout the process.

Once your OBS or Article 28 facility is operational we continue to focus on your growth and success. We maintain regular communication with our clients.  We have a dedicated team of consultants who will work with you on business plan and continued growth objectives, marketing, Surgeon recruitment and more. We will keep your facility  on track and compliant, as well as identify and actualize the opportunities that emerge as your surgical practice develops.

We can help your Facility grow

  • Perform feasibility analysis to determine market potential.
  • Establish service lines appropriate for patient demographics.
  • Oversee credentialing, licensure, transfer agreements and accreditation inspection processes.
  • Develop a scalable workflow to sustain immediate and future growth.
  • Provide EHR software and hardware recommendations.
  • Identify diagnostic tests that support surgical services.
  • Establish anesthesia provider requirements and coordinate search
  • Implement compliance risk reduction and management programs.
  • Identify staff hiring and training requirements and provide recruiting services.
  • Establish vendor relationships to receive the best value pricing on high-quality supplies and equipment.
  • Establish billing and coding procedures that keep payment delays and risk exposure to a minimum.
  • Establish ongoing quality improvement programs.
  • Develop marketing programs to attract new and existing surgeons