PreferredMD offers our patients much more than the convenience of booking medical appointments online. We will connect you with a network of providers that include the most sought after specialists in the New York metropolitan area. These esteemed providers generally do not participate in ‘fee for referral’ services. The strong, long-term relationships PreferredMD has established with New York City’s finest providers is an exclusive asset we share with our patients. We can arrange immediate insider access to New York City’s finest surgeons, providers, diagnostic and surgical facilities. As one of our patients you will receive concierge class scheduling and complete process oversight. 

Should you require multi specialty care coordination, such as radiologic investigation or other diagnostics, we will arrange immediate, same day services at preeminent locations. Our team does the problem solving and coordination for you. If surgery is the next step, surgical patients can do their pre-procedural medical assessment online. This maximizes intake efficiency and saves time on the day of the procedure.

Among the services we provide is insurance pre-authorization for surgery as well as insurance benefits verification. Our expert insurance billing and verification team will guide you, advocate for you and follow up on insurance claims. We will analyze your insurance policy, provide you with documentation verifying and detailing your benefits, and counsel you on your best path forward. 

The Doctors you will see are the most sought after, elite specialists in New York City. PreferredMD provider membership is by invitation only. Clinical excellence and best in class quality of care and service are prerequisites. Our oversight team will evaluate every aspect of a new candidate’s practice; from a clinical as well as an administrative standpoint, and make recommendations if appropriate. Ongoing participation in our network requires a quarterly review with random assessment of clinical charts both by our dedicated oversight team as well as by a national accrediting body such as JACCO, AAAHC or AAAAF.

We provide our patients with immediate access to the finest medical practices in the New York metropolitan area, and complete process oversight and coordination. You may only need the services of one of our doctors, but the support and resources of the entire PreferredMD team will be laser focused on your care. We will expedite the treatments or procedures you require efficiently, conveniently, and with the utmost attention to your well being, safety and satisfaction.