Accreditation Process Management For Surgeons and Surgical Facilities

PreferredMD has deep relationships with the most experienced and professional accreditation consultants. The accreditation consultants we refer have over 40 years of combined experience and will recommend the appropriate accrediting agency for your high end outpatient practice or facility (AAAASF, AAAHC & JCAHO).

PreferredMD will recommend the consultant who most closely matches your office or facility culture and requirements. We will coordinate all aspects of the details involved, from initial site visit, equipment and supplies review, staff training, logs and charts review, binders and OR inspection; whatever is needed to complete your survey successfully. Our team approach will give you hands on support throughout the entire process.

From reviewing your floor plan to tailoring your forms to satisfy agency requirements your consultant will ensure your success. Every detail will be addressed: your agenda, materials, even a mock survey in preparation if you wish. They will oversee all aspects of the process and ensure compliance with mandated policies and procedures.

Our preferred accreditation consultants will answer questions and provide clarification on specific components of your accreditation process. They will compile the task list for your practice, train your staff and oversee the strategy for implementation and success.

In house Staff support

There are myriad details and ever changing requirements involved in maintaining your OBS accreditation. We can support your Nursing and Administrative staff with anything that will assist them in keeping your OBS compliance standards up to date, survey-ready and prepared for unannounced visits. If scheduling and convenience are a factor, we can suggest remote web-based options. If you have an unannounced survey, we can have someone onsite at a moment’s notice to respond to surveyor questions.


Once your site is accredited, the processes and protocols that were required to achieve compliance must be integrated into your daily office routine. Regulating agencies will not only schedule follow up surveys, they will also make unannounced ‘spot checks’; you must be prepared for them. Maintaining accreditation requires discipline and routines which agencies will review during follow up surveys. Adhering to these standards and protocols protects your patient, your practice and the investment you made in achieving this goal.

PreferredMD can provide you with ongoing oversight to ensure that compliance is maintained in your practice, regardless of changes in staff, records management, or structural office changes. As part of our ongoing support we will notify you of agency standards revisions, updates, changes, improvement initiatives and mandates.

Floor Plan Reviews

The floor plan of your Operating room or Surgical Facility is a critical component of the ‘environment of care’ in your practice. With compliance standards in mind, we strongly recommend a comprehensive floor plan review before undertaking the accreditation process, or engaging in any pre-construction, expansion, or remodeling of your office based surgical suite (OBS) for Article 28 Facility. We will determine feasibility of need, or what changes are necessary, if any. The recommendations provided will be based on your individual space, volume of procedures and type, and the requirements of the accrediting agency.

PreferredMD accreditation consultants will make a preliminary review of your floor plan and provide assessments and recommendations for each critical area. The floor plan requirements for office-based surgery (OBS) facilities are well defined by the accrediting agencies, however, the language can be confusing and easily misinterpreted. Let us provide you with expert guidelines before any first steps are taken. We will ensure that your plan meets the needs of your providers and the compliance requirements of the accrediting agency.