Anesthesia for OBS and Article 28 Facilities

Selection of the right anesthesia provider is critical to your peace of mind and the safety of your patients. Your Anesthesiologist should fit seamlessly into your practice or facility and be facile with the procedures and techniques you employ. PreferredMD works closely with clients to assess practice culture and surgeon preference – whether you are using an Office-Based facility or an Article 28 surgery center.

PreferredMD provides only Board-certified and Fellowship-based anesthesiologists. They will be familiar with your techniques, fit into your team, and share your vision and commitment to superior patient care. We work with many providers and will find the perfect match for your facility.


The Anesthesia service we refer is committed to superior care. They recruit from hospital settings and premier programs. Your provider will have been thoroughly vetted for credentials, references, skill sets and negotiated pricing.


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