PreferredMD Revenue Management For Surgeons and Surgical Facilities

PreferredMD Billing was formed after many years of contracting billing companies that promised perfection but always fell short. It became apparent to us that billing companies experience an inherent conflict when it comes to providing the level of service Surgeons and Surgical facilities expect.

You want the maximum reimbursement available, and your billing company wishes to maximize profit. While this may appear to be a mutual goal, it is not the case.

True, a billing company’s revenue is a percentage of collections, and it would seem they are highly incentivized to collect the last few dollars on the table. Less obvious is that it becomes more costly and resource heavy to your billing company as the process drags on, resulting in diminishing returns for them.

Any billing company is happy to collect the easy money, “low hanging fruit”. Most will be very reluctant to pursue the last penny. This is unacceptable. PreferredMD Billing resources are particularly concentrated on obtaining every last penny. We have in-depth knowledge and intelligence from the main commercial insurances which enables us to ensure that every last procedure code is accurately applied. We specialize in Out of Network (ONN) claims.

PreferredMD Billing subscribes to all compliance measures. We ensure that our Surgeons’ and Surgical Facility billing practices are well within legal guidelines. We implement every safeguard to ensure that any insurance audit would never result in a recoup of payment or other adverse consequence. Our team consists of ex-commercial and Federal Insurance employees. They remain completely up to date with internal insurance company mandates as well as any government guideline updates and announcements. We are active in the New York State Assembly.

How well are you doing?

PreferredMD Billing knows how to maximize your bottom line. Consider letting us analyze your billing practices. If your in-house staff or billing company is doing a complete job, we’ll tell you. If not, you’ll get a report showing you where you are losing money.

PreferredMD Billing Menu of Services:

  • Billing, Revenue Cycle Management
  • Billing Compliance Plan
  • Billing (RCM) Oversight
  • Benefits Verification Service
  • Billing and Payment Audits
  • Payer Credentialing
  • Payables and Cash Management
  • Payer Contract Negotiations