Equipment and Supplies For Surgeons and Surgical Facilities

One of the most intimidating aspects of owning a practice or running an operating facility is to decide on the equipment and supplies, and find the right vendor. We are very aware of all the decisions you have to make. Do you really need to purchase the most expensive scalpel handle or drape?

Our team has worked with over 30 facilities ranging in size and scope. We have extensive market knowledge and buying power. Our deep relationships with the top vendors in the market will ensure the optimal equipment is supplied for your procedures, and that all equipment and supplies are sourced with a very keen eye on cost. We pass our optimal pricing along to clients.

We service a density of surgical practices and facilities in Manhattan. The close proximity enables us to easily distribute supplies or equipment as needed, even on very short notice.

Biomedical Instrument Safety Inspections and Equipment Maintenance

Bio-Medical Inspections are a requirement for accreditation of Office Based Surgery facilities & and larger Article 28 centers, as stipulated by New York State’s’ Department of Health. They are also required for passing routine follow up surveys by the accrediting agencies (JCHACO, AAAASF, AAAHC).

Biomedical equipment located within healthcare facilities must be safe for the patients served, the employees and the medical staff who use and manage these devices. Bio-medical inspections:

  • Prolong the life-cycle of your equipment.
  • Protect your patients, staff and assets.
  • Satisfy the requirements of the approval agencies as well as regulatory requirements and insurance company safety inspections and testing requirements
  • Provide quality assurance
  • Assist with asset management

PreferredMD will refer an independent service organization that can address all aspects of medical equipment support and compliance requirements:

  • Equipment Inspections and labeling for Accreditation surveys
  • Assistance with sales, removal, or donation of underutilized medical equipment
  • Sale or donation of overstock supplies