Maintaining a modern and efficient website is an ongoing project and one that often gets pushed down the ‘priority list’ of many busy and successful Surgical practices. The amount of work and coordination that goes into launching a website is often overwhelming and can be a strong deterrent to undertaking a modernization or re-design. PreferredMD has assisted both clients and business associates with optimizing their web presence.

PreferredMD advises clients to be keenly aware of the extent to which website design influences it’s performance. Website mobile friendliness, speed and optimization intrinsically impact your site’s ability to rank well for the key terms that matter to your practice and the patients you want to attract. We ensure our clients take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and proper design into consideration from the very beginning of the web design or re-design process.

Optimal web design provides a great user experience; one that has an intuitive architecture, attracts links and social shares, is readable and formats correctly on all devices, especially on mobile devices. From an SEO standpoint, a fast, responsive design, strategically placed keywords, proper metatags and well-written content all make it easy for information to be ‘found’ and indexed by search engines. Content that is buried too deep in a site’s architecture may never be indexed at all. Additionally, if your content does not have proper Anchor Text links, or if they are buried or broken, getting your site to rank at all will be virtually impossible.

PreferredMD will help you navigate this process. Our resources will be able to deliver fast loading designs as well as optimal SEOs to set your practice up for success These are two distinctly different capabilities. We will refer professionals who can do both, or who specialize in design or SEO and work together, or a firm that has both capabilities on staff under one roof.

Website Re-Design

A redesign can be a very risky time for the rankings of a website. A website redesign should only be done with the guidance of an SEO professional. A lack of expertise in this undertaking may put your site at risk of losing a good deal, if not all your existing accumulated SEO rank.

Before beginning the redesign process, you should have an SEO professional crawl your site to come up with an assessment. The assessment should inventory all the pages on the site and relevant information associated with them. You should review pages that are outdated or redundant and decide whether they should be redirected in your new website structure. You should know which of the current site pages rank highly for your target keywords. There should be a thorough and clear inventory of all your existing content to make sure that none of it gets left behind in the redesign – it’s essential that high-value content is maintained on the new site.

Professional guidance and coordination between your designer and SEO expert is very important when undertaking a re-design. If you do not realize this and waltz blindly into a redesign, you may cause extensive damage to your organic traffic and visibility.

SEO must be taken into consideration from the very beginning of the web design or re-design process. You will benefit greatly and save tons of time and money if the foundations of your site are properly planned, mobile friendly and Search Engine Optimized website.